Implement SPARK Using Only PE Specialists to Teach PE

The Sports, Play, and Active Recreation for Kids (SPARK) PE intervention was piloted in 7 elementary schools over a 4-year period to evaluate the comparative effectiveness of having a PE specialist, trained teacher, or normal PE as defined at baseline on the amount and intensity of physical activity in elementary school children. The amount of MVPA performed under the instruction of PE specialists was highest, followed by trained teachers, and finally the controls. Recommended frequency of physical education classes was 3 days a week, typically lasting 30 minutes-15 minutes for health-fitness activities and 15 minutes for skill-fitness activities. The baseline METs was 3.3, and post-intervention METs was 7.2.

Estimates of the average METs expended on average during PE used in the estimates are from various studies: 3.4 for preschool and elementary school (Nader et al., 2003), 3.6 for middle school (McKenzie et al., 2004) and 3.7 for high school (Smith et al., in press)

On average, a school year is 180 days. The intervention assumes that the change is over the course of a school year (so if 10 minutes are added per day, it is added for 180 days). The total caloric impact is then averaged over 365 days to account for no change in activity on holidays, weekends, and summer vacation.

* The Average Caloric Impact (ACI) for this intervention is empirical, based on published estimates of METs expended, taken from trial data from McKenzie et al. (2004), Nader et al. (2003), and Smith (In Press), as listed below. The 7.2 METs for PE Specialists for the SPARK intervention is from McKenzie et al. (1997) and Sallis et al. (1997) to demonstrate the maximum potential of the intervention (compared to 5.8 METs for trained classroom teachers).

Studies Used in Estimates

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